Local Pasture 100% Fullblood Wagyu Coulette Steak (Frozen) - various

Local Pasture 100% Fullblood Wagyu Coulette Steak (Frozen) - various

Grazing Star Ranch
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Sirloin with a delicious fat cap.

Pasture Raised Fullblood Wagyu is among the tastiest & the healthiest meat in the world. The rich, buttery, tender meat exhibits UMAMI flavors and is high in monounsaturated fats due to high concentrations of OLEIC ACID (~63 times those contained in fish). Wagyu has the lowest cholesterol of all meats, including fish & chicken.

Place your vacuum sealed meat in the freezer upon delivery.  Grazing Star meat will last for up to one year in the freezer.  To defrost, place meat in the fridge for approx. 48 hours, then about 1 hour before cooking, move meat out of the fridge to it to adjust to room temperature.  This creates an even temperature in the steak allowing you to cook it evenly.

Fullblood Wagyu is naturally buttery and rich, so please see details under Cooking Instructions on how to cook your tender & flavorful meat.    

The best way to eat FullBlood Wagyu is rare to medium rare.  You do not want to overcook the steak because the fat will melt and you will lose its buttery, rich flavor, known as "umami"!

Catch Weight - approx. 0.5 lb each.  Priced at the register by pound.