Local Heritage Ham Hock, Un-Smoked (Frozen) - 1 piece

Local Heritage Ham Hock, Un-Smoked (Frozen) - 1 piece

Late Bloomer Ranch
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The unsmoked ham hock is the most underrated part of the pig.  Delicious in braises, beans, and stews, the unsmoked hock is a nutritious and affordable option with so much versatility. 

Experience the difference of eating meat bred for flavor and nutrition.  Late Bloomer Ranch's pigs are outdoors, year-round, exhibiting all of their “pigness” and reveling in it. Compared to conventional pork, humanely, pasture-raised pork has 2.4x Omega 3 fatty acids, 60% lower Omega 6 fatty acids, 1.3x higher polyunsaturated fat, 8% higher protein, and twice the vitamin E. 

Late Bloomer Ranch is a woman owned, small farm in Driggs, Idaho.  They focus on animal welfare, management-intensive grazing and pasture improvement, heritage breeds, and the highest quality inputs available. 


  • small .75-1 lb
  • medium 1-1.5 lb