Organic Heirloom Koda Farms Brown Kokuho Rose Rice in 3 Sizes - small box, medium paper bag and larger sack.

"Kokuho Rose" Heirloom Organic Brown Rice (California) - Small Box

Koda Farms
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Yes, you can do sushi with brown rice, with this brown rice.  For best results, follow Koda's instructions which say to rinse rice, cover and never stir, strain then let sit back in the pot for 10 minutes before serving.  

Unlike modern varieties under other brands, proprietary Koda Farm's Kokuho Rose is the true heirloom, possessing hallmarks antithetical to those prioritized in industrial scale farming.

In essence, Kokuho Rose is slow to mature, low in yield and tall in stature – characteristics adding significant effort to its production.  Preserving this unique strain of rice requires a three year commitment merely to produce the seed, which Koda Farms fulfills by maintaining their on site, private seed nurseries.  A perfect expression of the land it bred to thrive upon, they consider their rice to be "au terroir". 

Vacuumed packed.  Percent of broken grains - no more than 2% (industry standard is 4%).

Ingredients:  brown organic rice

Weight:  1 lb