La Chips Francaise Smoked Pepper Potato Crisps

French Potato Chips with Smoked Chili from Béarn (France)

La Chips Francaise
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Seasoned with a smoked chili related to Piment Espelette by the Malnou family in southwest France.  This pepper is smoked over local bay laurel branches then carefully cold dried.  

Made from the Lady Claire potato varietal with absolutely no artificial flavors, no coloring, no preservatives: an artisanal chip that has nothing to hide!

These potatoes are carefully selected, washing, and then partially peeled to give the chips a unique look.  Then are then cut into thick slices, slowly cooked in a cauldron which gives these chips an incomparable crunch.  From sprouting to bagging, everything is done in France.

Ingredients:  Lady Claire potatoes, sunflower oil, pimenton from Bearn.

Weight:  140 g / 5 oz