Maida Pureed Italian Yellow Tomatoes

Yellow Cilento Tomato, Puree (Italy) - Jar

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Looking for an unusual twist on classic tomato base?  Yellow Tomato "Passata" from Maida Farm has you covered.  Francesco makes his passata from the pomodoro giallo di Capaccio, an heirloom variety typical of Campania.  They ripen into a golden yellow color, so they are rich in beta-carotene. 

With a low acidity and sweet, delicate flavor, this Passata di Pomodoro Lungo Giallo di Capaccio makes a great simple base for hearty dishes and also pairs well with delicate ingredients like fish, since it won’t cover up the other flavors.

This puree is an amazing liquid base for poaching and makes a great pour over sauce for protein like chicken.  Or use it for a creative take on the classic Bloody Mary!  This yellow tomato passata is made from just long yellow tomatoes of Capaccio with a touch of basil and salt.

Ingredients:  tomatoes, basil, salt

Weight:  680 g / 24.29 oz