Cluizel mini milk chocolate bar, Tendre Moment, with praline and hazelnut.

Mini "Pause Coup de Fouet" Milk Gianduja Chocolate Bar (France)

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Due to global delays in shipping, this chocolate is now at its best buy date (June 2022).  It is still in excellent condition and waiting to be enjoyed by you!  

This is the perfect size snack bar!  Loosely translated to "TENDER MOMENT", Cluizel's new "Pause Tendre Moment" is the perfect little escape.  It's a mini gourmet milk chocolate bar is smooth with praline and hazelnut.

The Tender Moment bar for more tenderness, a real moment of sweetness balanced between the sweetness of a milk chocolate 45% cocoa mixed with hazelnut paste, for an extreme fondant in the mouth.

Ingredients:  sugar, cocoa, whole milk powder, hazelnut, cocoa, almond, butter, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), fleur de sel, glucose syrup, Bourbon vanilla pod. 

Weight:  30 g / 10.7 oz