De Carlo Classico Organic EVOO 500 ml

"Classico" Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italy) - Bottle, Organic

De Carlo
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This is the organic version of what I use everyday.  Good enough for dressings and excellent for saute!  Slow Food award winner for best value!  Authentic Italian, excellent everyday, extra virgin olive oil.

Delicate and balanced, De Carlo's "Il Classico" is a historic and award-winning oil.  Olives from Ogliarola and Coratina farms go directly into the company's crusher within 24 hours.

Ideal for seasoning any food without the risk of altering of the beneficial qualities of the raw materials involved in its production.  Perfect on boiled or roasted fish dishes, sea fries, sauerkraut and roast meats.

Weight:  500 ml / 16.9 fl oz