Santo Tomas bag of bomba rice.
Bomba rice from Santo Tomas.
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Bomba Paella Rice DO (Spain) - Textile Bag

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This bomba rice from Tomas is certified origin from the L’Albufera nature preserve.  Bomba is a short grain variety with a pearled color. Its size is equivalent to that of the short grain rice, sometimes even smaller, yet Bomba rice more than doubles its size when cooked.  Its main characteristic is its great capacity to absorb flavors and aromas and that when cooked it is always “al dente”, loose and whole.

Grown in the Iberian peninsula since the Middle Ages and preserved by genetic selection at the Rice Station at Sueca (Valencia) since 1929.  The production of “Bomba” rice is limited as it is delicate to grow.  For many years, the cultivation and production of this variety seemed extinguished, but Santo Tomas has been committed to Bomba rice and has produced it since its foundation and up until today.


These culinary excellences make it be considered as one of the best rice varieties in the world by expert chefs and for it to be called the “King of Rices”.   The gourmet rice par excellence, we can find it in the best delicatessen shops in the world.

Especially recommended for Paellas, “Abanda” rice, etc, although it can also be used for creamy or juicy rice dishes.

Ingredients:  rice

Weight:  1 kg / 2.2 lb