De Carlo Artichoke Spread Cream Jar

Artichoke Heart Spread, Pure (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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De Carlo's pure Artichoke Heart Spread is grown organically.  It'ss as perfect on crostini as it is on pasta.  What you get here is a pure - if not perfect - delicate taste of artichoke hearts, not masked by other cheaper ingredients.  Simple and elegant.  Sauce may look separated, but it's just the natural combination of artichokes with olive oil.  No emulsifiers or stabilizers here.

If adding to pasta, I would recommend making a garlic cream sauce and adding the artichoke cream to it.

From the variety of artichokes known as "Violetto di Brindisi" comes this delicious cream, made with De Carlo extra-virgin olive oil.  It’s perfect for finger food, as well as in a pasta sauce.  

Ingredients:  artichoke hearts (75%), De Carlo extra virgin olive oil (23%), salt, white wine vinegar.  Acidity regulator:  lactic acid.

Weight:  130 g / 4.64 oz