clear bag with orange label of Agribosco 10 Minute Organic Barley Oat Lentil Mix

10 Minute Organic Barley Blend with Oats & Lentils (Italy)

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This 10 Minute Quick Cook Barley Mix from Agribosco in Italy is super easy and convenient!  Ideal for soup or salad!

Farm-to-Table information includes farmer name and location of the farm stamped on the front of each package.  USDA Organic, Product of Italy, OU Kosher Certified, Ancient "Unmodified" seeds, NON-gmo.

NOT a gluten free grain.

Ingredients:  70% pre-cooked organic pearled barley, 20% organic green lentils, 10% organic split green peas.

Weight:  250 g / 8.8 oz