Cute square cabin box next to embossed soap, on white background.

The Cabin Bar Soap

Kala Style
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If you're a fan of Cedar Wood Soap, then say hello to its very cool, younger brother.  The Cabin Soap is packed with essential oils including juniper, cedar leaf, cassia bark, and fir needle... just to name a few!  A handsomely stamped bar comes in natural earth-toned packaging which features a classic log cabin in the woods.  All are welcome!

Key Ingredients: sustainable palm and coconut oils, water, juniper, cedar leaf, cassia bark, and fir needle essential oils.  The Cabin Soap is FREE of: phthalates, parabens, silicones, EDTA, and gluten.  Cruelty free.

What it smells like - that first deep breath you take before hiking your favorite trail. Flannel season.  New England fall foliage, at its peak.  A text from your best friend that just says: Pack your bag. (A minute later, you respond with a pine tree emoji and a thumbs up.)  Welcome to Teton Valley.

Weight:  5.3 oz