De Carlo Whole Termite di Bitetto Olives

Whole "Termite di Bitetto" Green Olives in Brine (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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Best buy dates February 28, 2024.

These are great snacking olives as well as in cocktails!  De Carlo's Termite di Bitetto olives are larger and more buttery than Picholines.  They will not disappoint; they're crisp and meaty...and excellent in a martini!!!

Acknowledged and well-known for their particular organoleptic characteristics such as flavor, fragrance and consistent pulp, the ‘termite’ are cultivated exclusively in the Bitetto, Bitonto, Bitritto, Grumo Appula, Modugno, Palo del Colle, Sannicandro di Bari and Toritto areas.

Characterized by a black/green purple color, they are sweet to the palate if consumed au naturel, while possessing a slightly bitter aftertaste if stored in brine.

Grown organically.

Ingredients:  olives, water, salt.  Acidity regulator:  citric acid.

Weight:  330 g / 11.79 oz